Corporate training in Malaysia is going through a certain path and direction. It’s the direction of having more and more programs certified by recognized certification bodies.

What does this mean?

Well, the idea is that if a program is certified, it must be good, right? Otherwise how can it be certified?

So certification is used as a way to ensure the quality of a training program.

At least that’s what it seems to me.

I foresee, in the next five years, more and more programs will be of the certification variety.

If this comes to pass, there are major changes to be expected for everyone involved.

For the clients, this means more expense for training because certifications costs a lot more money than an in-house program. Also, many certification programs these days are longer than two days. Some even up to eight days. So this means for clients, they will have to let their staff go for longer periods of training.

This is a big problem for some industries and smaller companies.

For Training Providers, they need to partner up with Certification bodies that are recognized by HRDF. Some are already well known, e.g. City & Guilds from the UK. Some others are tied up with local universities. The trick is finding suitable certification bodies that can give you a good price since there are usually certification fees involved for each participant certified.

This also means more cost as they need to pay more, including more expensive certified trainers sometimes.

For Freelance Trainers, this means they need to qualify to be able to conduct certification programs. Currently, many freelance trainers are not certified or tied with certification programs. So they need to pay more to upgrade their qualifications. They also have to find certification bodies and programs that would accept them.

There are more pros and cons of course. This is just a quick jotting down to help you become aware of this seeming direction for corporate training in Malaysia, at least those funded under HRDF.

I’ll write more about this path the corporate training industry in Malaysia seems to be taking. Watch this space.

Kind regards,