Corporate training is a form of learning. It does not need or have to be confined to four walls. In fact, I am convinced that it is far more effective when a part of the experience includes being in nature.

Our minds learn not only through logic but also through stories and metaphors. That’s why many of our values are obtained when we were children. We listen to stories and learn from them.

Some stories frighten us and stop us from doing things in life. Other stories inspires us and set us on our path of lifelong adventures.

In the same way, we can look upon nature as a wonderful metaphor. It can be a metaphor for change. Or for positive growth. Or even for Life.

When we combine the lessons we impart in corporate training with the lessons that nature naturally offers us, learning can be an astounding experience. Life-changing even, for some.

Just as we can understand the frightening power of strorms, we can also appreciate the soothing and calming effect of a breeze from the sea. Or the cheerful kiss of an early morning ray of sunshine.

It is then up to good corporate trainers to incorporate these lessons into their sessions.

As a result, learners can learn both deductively as well as inductively (reflective learning).

If you haven’t yet experience corporate training in nature, give it a try or just drop me a line. I love hearing from new friends.

Kind regards,